6 Foods To Avoid Before 10 AM to Keep Your Body Fit

Science and breakfast are often contradictory. On the one hand, the food industry has made breakfast the most important meal of the day, despite the fact that it has been proven that there are no risks or negative effects of missing it.

On the other hand, a delicious breakfast helps improve your mood and prevent depression. The secret seems to lie exclusively in knowing what to eat, and what to avoid for breakfast.

We looked for the most important foods to avoid before 10 AM with the management of your health and strength, stating the reasons that explain this naturally.

6. Toast with butter

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Contrary to what most people think, breakfast does not have to be a fat-free meal. The secret is to find the right type of fat to eat in the morning. Butter contains fats that help you absorb vitamins, but it contains a lot of saturated fats that may damage the heart and increase weight.

Alternative: put peanut butter on toast. This study states that peanuts and pure peanut butter can reduce feelings of hunger during the day because they increase the production of YY peptide, a hormone that regulates hunger and reduces appetite.

5. Breakfast cereals

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Breakfast cereals are a matter of ancient dispute. Although it is very practical, the common types of it contain a large amount of sugar that can later turn into fat that accumulates in the abdomen. This study also shows that these small, crunchy chips are linked to a higher calorie consumption because people tend to eat fewer grains when the chips are larger.

Alternative: Eat homemade sugar-free oats, which contain a healthy amount of fiber. Reducing the amount of sugar in the morning can help you avoid feeling tired in the middle of the day. And if you are eating sugar-coated flakes, try to buy the ones whose grains are larger.

4. Pancakes and waffles

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Although it is easy to take it with you when you are in a rush, most frozen pancakes, waffles, and cookies contain refined carbohydrates. Depending on your diet, carbohydrates are not necessarily bad, but refined carbohydrates can increase your feelings of hunger during the day. It also does not contain fiber at all, or sometimes in very small proportions, compared to trans fats harmful to your health, which constitute the largest proportion of its components.

Alternative: make it at home with full flour, or check the nutritional value of high-fiber pancakes. You can also exchange it with some toast prepared with whole wheat flour.

3. Low-fat yogurt

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Skimmed yogurt has become a widely available alternative to breakfast. Unfortunately, it is often added to sugars to add flavor and contains a small percentage of proteins. Also, a number of studies have shown that full-fat yogurt actually helps to lose weight. Consuming protein in the morning can also help reduce your hunger throughout the day, and full-fat yogurt contains it in abundance.

Alternative: Choose yogurt that is full-fat and sugar-free.

2. Fruit juice

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Most fruit juices contain a lot of sugars, just like soda, according to this study. It also contains almost no fibers, and it is interesting that this is not the reason why it is a bad alternative to breakfast.

Rather, the main reason for this lies in the fact that not having to chew while drinking juice can reduce your feelings of satiety, and therefore it is preferable to start your day chewing, and it is better to chew fruits.

Alternative: eat fruits regularly. This is a great way to stimulate your digestive system in the morning and prepare it for higher calories in subsequent meals.

1. Fodmaps diet

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Apples, garlic, pears, beans, and peaches contain forms of mono, binary, and polysaccharides. Usually, people avoid these carbohydrates because they are difficult to digest, as they ferment in the stomach and intestines, and cause a feeling of bloating.

It is advised that you do not avoid these foods at all, but rather that you eat them regularly but later in the morning when your digestive system is more active and able to receive them.

Alternative: Eat small amounts of these foods with a healthy amount of fats and proteins to help you digest them.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Do you think breakfast helps you stay fit and fit, or do you want to change your habits? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share your advice!

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