7 Top Tips To Make Thinning Hair Look Thicker And Fuller

A bad hair day is not a once in a while event for millions of women that are images thinning hairlosing their hair or with overall thin hair. A bad hair day is every day, every time they look in the mirror. And the ever frustrating thing is there isn’t a simple solution to women’s hair loss. You would think after all the years that with hair loss having been such a huge problem for both men and women that a safe, affordable, permanent solution would have been discovered and developed.

There are many reasons for hair loss

thick hairThe fact that there are many reasons for hair loss has to be one of the reasons why finding the answer is always elusive. Besides genetics there are numerous medical issues that can and do cause hair loss as well as childbirth, and anything else that causes hormonal imbalance. We may not have found the ideal solution yet but there are some things that we can do to naturally help prevent and improve hair loss We can also do some things to help thin hair look fuller and thicker.

Hair loss can cause distress for most people suffering with it. Self-esteem and self-image are closely tied with the way we look and our hair plays a big part in how we look and feel about ourselves. For many it’s an expression of our personality.

MY 7 tips that can help add body to your hair and make it look thicker and fuller.

Try a hair color

If you haven’t already done so try a hair color as this has definitely helped me. You notice the difference once the roots come through your hair usually starts to flop and lay flatter to the head. Once you do the root touch up you notice more body immediately. Ideally you will get this work done by a professional as it’s important that you do not over process the color, if you can get away with it use a semi permanent color rather than a permanent one. Permanent color is harsher and could cause damage to thin unhealthy hair. With already thinning hair the last thing you nee breakage.

Products that add volume to hair.

There are a number of hair product companies that claim that their shampoo, conditioners, and other styling products add volume to hair, so if you haven’t tried this route yet what have you got to lose?

Live dangerously and get a new hair cut and style.

This along with a new color can make a huge difference and give you an amazing boost. Unlike men it is rare that women will lose their hair line, they tend to thin out along the top center area of the head. If you have less hair in one area you can try to part your hair differently, bring it forward or back, whatever works the best to help disguise the problem area

Hair Laser devices

Hair laser’s are another option although you probably will not notice much of a difference for at least 2-3 months or more. You are able to purchase some of these devices for home use. They can stimulate growth by emitting a low energy laser light to fight hair loss. Results vary in individuals.

Hair loss consealer using hair building fibers.

This is a product that looks very interesting, but I would consider it as more for occasional use than for every day. Two of the companies promoting these products are Caboki and Topic. This process can look very natural it’s a powder like substance that adheres to and build upon your existing hair making it look much thicker covering up any thin spots where the scalp shows through. It’s important to know that this does not work on bald heads. You have to have some hair. There are a variety of colors to match your own hair. From feedback that I have seen there are many users that are over the moon with the results. Some individuals have preferred the Caboki product for its truer colors compared to the Topic. Also there was someone had mentioned that the Topic product had a tendency to get a bit clumpy in a situation when the scalp may sweat.

One of the main issues with this type of product is due to it being so affective the results can be very noticeable so one minute you have thin hair or noticeable hair loss and then you have a full head of hair. It just depends how you feel about this and how much maintenance you want if you choose to use it full time. I doubt leaving it on all the time would be a good idea as you want a healthy scalp and it needs to be cleansed and breathe for that to happen.

Last but not least

There are always wigs and hair pieces. This could mean if you choose, every day could be a good hair day for you. Wigs are getting better all of the time as they get lighter and easier to wear. There’s lots of variety and not only do they look great they can be fun and sassy too.

Even though finding ways to make your life easier with thicker fuller looking hair you still have to do what you can to maintain the hair you have and even improve it in a healthy natural way. CLICK HERE to help you do that!

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